Plastics Industry Awards


Arrangements for show casing the best examples of work from any business sector are a wonderful way to show the public generally the innovation and creativity dedicated professionals are capable of in their area of expertise. But industry sector awards also provide inspiration and pride to others who already work in that sector, and undoubtedly the motivation to push harder to try new things in the future.

In the plastics industry, there are numerous programmes set up around the world to recognize the best of the best of everything from packaging to medical inplants, as well as all sorts of manufacturing innovations.

New Zealand is no exception when it comes to this type of recognition and once again the 2014 Plastics Industry Design Awards took place in October this year. Here original New Zealand-specific excellence in the creation, design, production, manufacture, and marketing of plastic products or components was acknowledged and promoted.

Mark Hanlon once again acted as the industry’s Convenor of Judges for these Awards (this is the fifth occasion), and was joined by a well experienced group of other industry experts to undertake the critical judging role. This is no small task and extends over two full days of intense study and debate among the judges.

Once again we saw world class innovation and creativity among the many entrants for these awards, and this manufacturing sector both impressed and stimulated the work of people within and outside the industry.   


Evaporative Mould Cooling.

From time to time new technological developments emerge which are not just an incremental improvement over current practice, but are a true leap forward. Evaporative Mould Cooling is such a development. For a hundred years since injection moulding was first developed and practised as a plastics production technique, mould cooling technology.. Read More >>


Although unknown to a large proportion of the public, major developments have been taking place in chemical companies and research organisations over recent years to address the sustainability and environmental impact of plastics materials. Unfortunately, some of this is also being clouded by many ignorant or even deliberately misleading claims.. Read More >>

Micro-multinational companies – an important aspect of future industry and commerce

There is a growing awareness of the important role very small businesses (typically one or two person businesses) have in the future global economy. Especially when these businesses are connected and trading internationally. Having derived more than half its turnover from export sales over the last eighteen years, Hanlon Consulting Ltd. is an e.. Read More >>

Off-shoring and Re-shoring mould supply

In the interests of best servicing my customers I was a relatively early adopter of off shore mould supply. In the early days and even now, I still try to avoid offering off-shore mould supply as the only option for my clients because I well understand the damage this is doing to the mouldmaking infrastructure in New Zealand, as it is in most d.. Read More >>