Consulting Services to the Plastics Industry


The Hanlon Consulting plastics consultancy firm has been in business since 1992. It primarily draws on over forty years of plastics industry-specific experience of Principal Consultant Mark Hanlon to undertake a huge range of diverse projects involving different plastics materials, different manufacturing and processing technologies, and extremely varied client requirements.


Work can vary from simply providing advice about the correct plastics material to use for an application, through to managing large projects. This has included taking responsibility for all stages from product design and development, plastic material selection, mould design and sourcing, processing equipment research and selection, plastics manufacturing plant design and layout, specifying and sourcing ancillary equipment, equipment installation and commissioning, development of quality assurance systems and equipment, and staff training.

The primary focus of work undertaken centres around processing technologies such as injection moulding, extrusion blow moulding, and injection stretch-blow moulding, although the consultancy has also worked in other processing technologies such as thermoforming and blow film extrusion.


The vast majority of projects are undertaken remotely from the client, with the client kept fully informed of progress. Only where appropriate or efficient are face to face meetings held. All stages of product development have proven to be quite feasible to run in this way. Product design can be developed using 3D virtual models and supplied to the client in a user-friendly form for desktop review. Prototypes such as 3D printed models can be sourced and supplied. Mould drawings can be developed, refined, and finalized before being supplied to potential mouldmakers in 3D format. Moulds can be sourced from remote locations where once again modern communications technologies such as 3D drawings and sketches can be utilized, as well as FTP sites for large drawing files and video.


The consultancy can draw on extensive local and international industry contacts for materials, equipment and mould sourcing options. Strong relationships have also been established and maintained to allow the sub-contracting of specialist activities such as drawing and materials testing.

Key business principles applied to every plastics project:

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